Oratree Solution best training institute which offers training in many evergreen technologies. Oratree has designed its training program to fulfill the needs of engineering students by offering various types of training programs like, Students Training, 6 weeks training, Industrial training, winter training, corporate training, final year project training. Moreover it provides student training in different technologies like Software Testing, JAVA, embedded system, oracle certified, ARM, VLSI, PLC and SCADA Training and much more. Different technologies are delivered for students training with well-described modules and different time period. modules and different time period.


In today’s fast changing technological world, it is compulsory for an Engineering student to undergo Industrial Training. The purpose of 6 months Industrial Training is to prepare Engineers for the corporate world as with the help of this training, a student becomes familiar with the working atmosphere of the industry. Moreover, Industrial Training enhances a student’s leadership ability and confidence and they perform the given task more efficiently. Industrial Training also makes it possible for students to apply the theoretical concepts that they have studied in real life scenario. Keeping these things in mind, Oratree, the best summer training institute offers 6 months Industrial training with blend of theory and practical sessions.


Oratree Solution the best training instituteis the right choice for the students who are fresher or last year pass out and want to engage in long term or short term summer training or winter training or industrial training. Oratree is the finest training company which offers fresher training in various Northern India’s cities like Roorkee, Noida, Dehradun and Lucknow. The company offers hands on training with the help of team of highly experienced and proficient trainers who follows best training methodology, which makes Oratree one of the most trusted training company in whole of North India.


Oratree Solution imparts Professional Training to individuals from diverse field to enhance and sharpen their technical skills so that they get jobs in to and leading companies. Oratree, the best summer training institute provides Professional Training in manifold regions of India so that participants can chose the training center which is nearest to their home and start their training sessions. Professional Training at Oratree leads to improvisation of skills and knowledge and it enhances ones potential which will surely develop an extra edge in one’s career.


Today’s age is competitive age in which labor and technologies change and become outdated rapidly. This all leads to business complication. A company cannot employ new employees all the time whenever this happens because it will increase their expense. The solution for this problem is Corporate Training as this training will update and sharpen employees skill set in the cutting edge technologies so that they can justify their value to the organization. Oratree, the best training institute improves the skill and capability of corporate professionals by providing them high quality training.


College campus training program is a program by which Oratree provides different training program to technical students in different areas like B.Tech/M.Tech, B.Sc. /M.Sc., BCA/MCA, etc. inside college campus itself in different and latest technologies. This training is important since it contains all the necessary traits which are important for learners to understand before they enter into corporate world where practical knowledge is given more importance than theoretical knowledge. At Oratree, which is best training institute, College Campus training is meant to augment the “industry readiness” level of students making them employable.


Oratree Solution is a training, development and placement company which offer different technical training to technical students as well as working professionals. It has helped many job seekers, corporate professionals and learners to improve their technical as well as soft skills in order to become a proficient professional. To fulfill the increasing demand of training in foreign countries, Oratree, the best training institute provides excellent overseas training. Oratree overseas training program is a way to communicate the new technologies and courses to technical students which are in high demand in industry. Since the company an ISO 90001:20008 certified, hence it has high quality training programs with the team of highly experienced and skilled trainers.


Online Training is delivered using computer whether it is a part of training or whole training course. Oratree, the best training institute offersonline training in various technologies like Software Testing, ARM, JAVA, AutoCAD, CNC,, PLC and SCADA, VLSI, Networking, Embedded system training, Cloud Computing, SEO, Digital Marketing, and much more. Earlier, it was thought that taking computers to classrooms will eliminate the personal touch that many students want, hence it received unhealthy publicity. But with the passage of time and advancement of technology, smartphone and tablets are now welcomed in office as well as classroom.